Every program within higher education has its own vision and we think software should support these visions. Academy Attendance has several functionalities that can support various processes, but we can imagine that programs might encounter problems that can not be solved with the functionalities of Academy Attendance.

We find it important that software helps the programme and provides valuable data and insights. Therefore, please contact us for issues related to IT or data within education.

Data analysis and data science

Programs often have loads of valuable data available, but we have experienced that it is difficult to use this data to its full capability. Therefore we can, together with the program, dive into their data and create reports with valuable insights such as:

  • Critical factors for study success
  • Analysis of when students are likely to get study delay
  • Correlation between matching results and study progress
  • How students are performing are over time

We have created these reports about the critical success factors for study success for The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Curious about these reports and result? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with the results.

Software Development

Higher education still has a lot of processes that can often been done more efficiently and effectively. Academy Attendance can also support in making (semi) custom solutions for those inefficient processes. We can create custom software quickly and cost efficient, because of our existing product technology and experience.

Guidance by using the data

We as Academy Attendance have seen that many programs find it difficult to analyse data and use the outcomes for the benefit of the education. We are able to guide the program through this process, by automating processes, sending targeted messages and developing custom made dashboards.

Automating repeating tasks

We have noticed that within higher education the education supporting services spend a lot of time on repetitive administrative tasks. With our knowledge of IT and education are we able to increase speed on these otherwise time consuming tasks, which means that there is more time to invest in important non repetitive tasks. This can be done through implementation of an straightforward tool or by some smart adjustments to Excel and Word sheets.