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Academy Attendance makes student behaviour accessible

How does it work?

We provide students, lecturers and the program with actionable insights.

Measure student behaviour

To increase student success rates we believe that it is necessary to measure student behaviour during the time classes are held, and not afterwards. We measure student behaviour based on their attendance at classes, level of knowledge and experience in the program. This way we provide the program with insights even before exams are held.

Gain actionable insights

By automating the collection of educational data we also support the student administration with automatic exports, real time insights in attendance rates and easy to create student files. This way the lecturers and student counselors can spend their time in supporting the students instead of doing administration. By using our clever algorithms and smart notifications, we even take it one step further: we alert student and staff when we expect a student to drop out. This way the lecturer and program management can intervene even before the situation becomes problematic.

Improve education

By combining attendance administration with analytics we create both more time for the staff to spend on students as well as guidance for counselors and lecturers. We believe that learning analytics is the future of education. Suggested actions based on data combined with the experience will provide an excellent learning environment for the program in which the educational program can be continuously improved.

What Academy Attendance offers

Attendance registration

Academy Attendance registers student attendance in a heartbeat and provides several methods. These methods make it possible to register attendance both at big lecture halls and in small group sessions. If you decide that the students needs to be in charge of their own attendance, they can easily register themselves using their phone or student card.

Do you prefer the lecturer to register student attendance? We provide an up to date list with the expected students, the only thing a lecturer needs to do is click on the students photo to register their attendance. And when a student is late or if he/she is not paying attention, this can be easily added on the same page to the student file in Academy Attendance.

We know that different programs, schools or subjects have different types of education. Therefore we make sure that all methods can be combined seamlessly and are interchangeable. This way Academy Attendance adapts to your educational vision instead of the other way around.

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By introducing Academy Attendance, the attendance registration is made more efficient and the students, staff and program management got a lot more insights into the attendance of students. Academy Attendance is easy to use, easy to understand and provides convenient functionalities to quickly gain insight in to the attendance.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Nyenrode Business University


Academy Attendance processes all the attendance data real-time and reports back to all involved stakeholders. Therefore, there is always an accurate overview. This makes it possible to use Academy Attendance as the operational system of education.

By sharing the same information on attendance transparently across student and lecturer, we notice that Academy Attendance reduces the discussion about attendance drastically.

In case of mandatory Attendance, Academy Attendance can provide you with an overview with the progress of the attendance goal per student. With a single click, it is clear which students have passed the attendance goals, and which students are required to do a retake.

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After starting wih Academy Attendance the number of questions at our student information desk is reduced from 30 questions a week to only some incidental.

Education Office Psychology, University of Amsterdam


During the term we continuously monitor and analyse the gathered data and provide students and staff feedback about the performance. This ranges from alerting students that they have missed a mandatory class, to alerting the program management that the attendance rate of a course is dropping drastically.

Academy Attendance provides numerous reports before, during and after the courses take place, both on student, course and institutional level. These reports are excellent to use for evaluation and accreditation of the program. We notice that these reports give lecturers and management valuable insights and since the reports are generated automatically the are ideal for benchmarking your program.

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We searched a long time for a way of digitalising our attendance administration, and then we found Academy Attendance. This group of young entrepreneurs with a straightforward mentality helped us solve this problem. Especially their solution-oriented way of working is a big plus for us.

Faculty of Medicine, Academic Medical Center (AMC) Amsterdam

Feedback cycle

Academy Attendance gives students the opportunity to provide immediate feedback after the class is finished. By giving students an easy way of providing feedback after each class the students become actively involved in improving their own education.

The lecturer gets a clear overview which topic to review at the beginning of the next class and is able to adjust his or her teaching to the needs of the students.

This way you create a shortened feedback cycle where both students and staff strive to the best education possible.

Supports flexible Education

Universities provide the students with a lot of different ways to follow their program, in which students often have to choose which way they want to follow the education. Academy Attendance helps univerities to keep track which students follows which option.

Using Academy Attendance unviversities can easily let student subscribe for a lecture, so they know the number of participants up front. In combination with the attendance tracking we automatically process the data and reduce administrative load.

Improve Education Logistics

We noticed that by having a good timetable, will increase attendance rates significantly. Also in literature we see that a good timetable is a contributing factor to the study success rate. However evaluating a timetable is difficult, since the information about attendance and schedule changes are often not available.

In Academy Attendance we already have student attendance and classroom data so we also have analytics on this aspect. The results will give you an overview of the classroom occupancy and the attendance rates on different times of day. These overviews can help you improve the schedule and ultimately improve the student success rate.

How to start using Academy Attendance?

Does your program want to keep track of student behavior or attendance, but this is not the case for the whole university? We also offer Academy Attendance as a product for a single program, since we believe that educational software should fit the needs of a program. And every program is unique, and therefore needs to have access to their own educational software.

Therefore we can tune the product to your specific needs. For example, you can define your own notifications if a student misses to many classes, and choose the registration method that suits you.

If you need any advice, please contact us.

Log in with existing account

Academy Attendance can be easily accessed using the authentication credentials of your institution through Single Sign On (SAML based). Academy Attendance connects to various identiy providers, including but not limited to:

Azure AD

Integrate in your LMS

Academy Attendance can be integrated using LTI: Learning Tools Interoperability. Using LTI students and lecturers can use Academy Attendance as tool within a Learning Management System such as Canvas, Brightspace, Moodle or Blackboard.

Connect to the schedule

To prevent duplicate administration, Academy Attendance can be connected to your scheduling software using one of our schedule connectors. We support a broad range of coupling technology, such as the Open Education API, other JSON based APIs, SOAP connections, Excel uploads and more.

Some of our users:

In numbers

Currently used by more than 50.000 students and 5.000 lecturers.

There are over 3.000.000 registrations for over 250.000 different lessons.

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