We empower you to improve education

Easily and efficiently take care of all tasks related to attendance at one central location with Academy Attendance.

How we improve education

Proces optimization

By optimzing processes valuable time is being saved and there will be no more administrative errors. Academy Attendance is integrable with various systems which enables you to work from one central location.

Insight in education

Students, teachers and administrators all have personalised overviews and analytics at their disposal. With our filter options you are able to find the right data in an instant.

Improving student success

All data is processed in real-time which enables organisation to improve their education during the educational period instead of afterwards. This way, students receive the right guidance on time.

What Academy Attendance offers

Attendance registration

Academy Attendance makes attendance taking an easy, fast and reliable process in which the teacher can directly check and eventually adjust attendance.

We offer multiple registration methods where in one course multiple types of registration can be implmented. This enables organisations to use the fitting registration for each type of educational activity.

attendance registration


All data is processed automatically and in real-time. This allows the organization to always have an up-to-date system and to save valuable time.

Students, teachers and administrators all have their own personalised overviews which enables everyone to have the right information at the right time.

attendance administration

Analytics en communication

The attendance data is being shown in overviews and analytics in which extensive filters can be applied.

During the semester, everyone is kept up to date with our notification system. Choose the notifications which are relevant to you and apply triggers to automatically send the notifications so that you can save time.

attendance analytics and communication

Additional modules

Each module can be integrated with one another. This enables organisations to let various logistic processes seamlessly blend into each other and to organize different processes at one central location.


Organize student subscriptions for educational activities in an efficient and and user-friendly manner. Students always have real-time insight in the number of available spots and can see their own subscriptions.

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Our feedback module enables students to easily and rapidly provide feedback on specific activities. The data is automaticall processed into overviews and analytics so that you don't have to waste valuable time.

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What our clients say about us

logo Nyenrode

By introducing Academy Attendance, the attendance registration has become more efficient and insightful! Academy Attendance is easy to use and simple to understand.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Nyenrode Business University

logo AMC

This group of young developers with a no nonsense mentality are very pleasent to work with. solution based approach are large assets.

Bachelor of Medicine, AMC Amsterdam

logo Universiteit van Amsterdam

After starting wih Academy Attendance, the number of questions at our student information desk is reduced from 30 questions a week to only some incidental questions.

University of Amsterdam, Student Information Desk Psychology

Linking and integration options

Integrate in your LMS

Organize all your education from one central place by integrating Academy Attendance into your Learning management system.

Connect to schedule

By integrating your timetable into Academy Attendance, changes in timetables are automatically transmitted in Academy Attendance which saves time and inconvenience.

Log in with an existing account

Academy Attendance can be used with the login details of the organisation via Single Sign on based on SAML.

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In numbers

Currently used by more than 150.000 students and 25.000 lecturers.

There are over 10.000.000 registrations for over 500.000 different lessons.

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